Time to create jobs

We must start creating a new era of real jobs. I do not mean the pretend jobs creating by the government throwing money at companies to babysit people until the subsidy runs out, but real new jobs by investing in new markets and industries.

The government and others must predict, develop and even create the markets and industries of the near future based on how they wish to see society, something this government does not wish to explain. It is all very well to boost the voluntary sector as a supposedly cheap solution but while charities provide handsome salaries to the middle class, they expect others to work for free and people can not live on thin air.

The future may see a raise in the leisure industries as sport and arts is used to solve the country’s mental health issues as well as reforming town centres and creating new jobs. We are see the raise of soft technology with apps and add-ons. It is hard for me alone to predict but I am trying.

The money is there to create jobs if the government stopped wasting it but it needs to be braver and more radical than it has currently been willing to be.

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