Living in my own anger???

A few weeks ago someone commented that I was living in my own anger, just one of many insults I get for speaking my mind by people who can not attack my argument so they attack me. It however got me thinking. I think many people indeed write blogs and comments to blogs with little consequences for their actions as they make wild statements with little understanding.

I however have positioned myself carefully to ensure that as someone independent from any other organisation I am able to speak my mind when I know others who share my views may not be able to do so. I am prepared to take the consequences of what I say and while I do not often explain how I reach my conclusions everything I say is built on solid reasoning which I could explain to the nth.

I do indeed get frustrated when I read complete nonsense which is knowingly or unknowingly designed to degrade my identity and existence but anyone who knows me know I am not an angry person. I am determined and I am very direct in what I say without being unaware of the social skills needed to succeed in life.

When I annoy someone it is because I intended to annoy them understanding the consequences of my actions and I will burn bridges if I feel people are toxic to my goals in life quickly and without mercy because I do not believe in pretending things are working when they are not.

So I do not live in my own anger but instead I live with determination to make a difference by saying what needs to be said when it needs to be said!

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