The insults from the sick

Recently my blogs have been receiving comments from people who define themselves as ‘sick’ as well as my usual band of not-so-nice fans, and it is interesting the insults they feel impelled to give me. None of the insults upset me and more likely amuse me as they often demonstrate the prejudices they have for real disabled people in the way claim they have.

They firstly frame the total experience of disability in terms of their limited understanding of impairments and so regard a severe impairment as something like not being able to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without falling over. This just puzzles me to why they do not use a wheelchair, because oh the humiliation.  I would be so very interest to see that faces of these people who were confronted by real disabled people, who could not speak, had severe learning difficulties or were totally immobile  or all three. And how they would look in the face of a working real disabled person and say one of their many sob stories.

I have been called lucky I have a obvious impairment, like I have care, lucky I feel I can work and just luck I am not sick, without asking me anything about my situation. I had sickness wished upon me as well as abusive ATOS assessments and ofcourse cuts in my care. And these are the secret army of activists who know claim they represent all disabled people.

I will keep writing my stuff and the wonderful yet unimaginative insults can just keep comes as it just proves  to me how dangerous these people are for real disabled people.

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