The right to defend myself

Before anyone panics I must make it clear this blog has nothing to do with having a gun and shooting people in my own home, but rather the right to intellectually defend my belief system when I believe they are being attacked by others in the news and on blogs.

I have reached a point in my life which I am happy to challenge politeness if it means I am forced to bottle things up. Better in than out is a truthful phrase on many levels and I believe if someone has written something I find personally offensive, I have a responsibility and right to tell that person what I think in the same way people have that right with the stuff I write.

Often all I need to do is explain to people how I read what they are saying and to clarify if that is really what they meant. If someone is happy with what they write than they should be proud to defend it in the way I am however controversial it may be.

I refuse to be silenced because what I believe, like the social model, has gone out of fashion! 

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