Reminding myself on who I am

Any now and than I believe it is important to remind myself of who I am and what I achieved. It is very easy to get bogged down in any people’s issues and how others see you and forgot for a moment who am I. I do love myself because that is indeed an healthy way to be.

I am at the centre of my universe as everyone is at the centre of theirs, as I am the only person I can ever truly know and understand. Being selfish, as well as positive, is a hard thing to achieve but it is necessary to help others as if you can not help yourself, you can not be strong enough for the job in hand.

I am not perfect but I am very determined to make the most of my life because I can and I should. I have made many mistakes, every mistake in the book and enough for a second volume but I think and I hope I learn from them.

I believe in taking risks and that including saying what I think even if other people do not react well to them because when the message gets through, it is worth! And maybe that’s my story and the difference I am here to make.

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