Being a good boss (employing personal assistants)

Many of you may know I had employed personal assistants for 20 years in one way or another and so I believe I have learnt how to be a good boss. It is indeed very important when you spend most of your time with staff and you require their support in many ways to function as a responsible citizens.

The first thing I have learnt is to take responsibility. A personal assistant can only do things the way you want them done if you actually tell them and if something goes wrong it is because you have not explained it properly. That is however the best way to start when things do go wrong.

I have also learnt that a good boss is not bossy and that politeness gets you a lot of things. By building a good polite but professional relationship with staff, you can keep control without losing respect. Also by handling concerns constructively and with a smile, you can correct staff without them realising they are being ‘disciplined’, a ugly word for the kind of relationship I want with my staff.

There is so much else I could say and if you are ever lucky enough to attend one of my training events, I am sure to will find out much more and get to ask me all those questions you always wanted to ask.

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