Death by Reform Terror?!

I was deeply concerned when I heard a few weeks ago a so-called ‘leading disability activist’ made a speech at an Anti-Cut rally where they said coroners were reporting from “Reform Terror”, implying the people are simply dropping dead as a result of knowing about the government’s reforms.

To check out this ridiculous lie, I did google the term and the only results which came up were from the activists. I am sure if people were officially dying from the ‘new’ method of death than there would be a public outcry and questions will be asked everywhere. But like the lie Atos murders 73 people a week and declares people in comas fit for work, it is the nonsense of extreme socialists backed by the medical model liberal prejudices and disabilist attitudes of the middle class.

Things are not perfect and we need healthy and constructive debate. What we do not need are self appointed Gods who know very little about the complexity of disability hijacking the voice of disabled people and making it so extreme and so toxic, its can be written off as the middle class liberals who use it to sneak in their medical model agenda. The pity agenda is as dangerous to disabled people as it has ever been!

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