Debt problems? Just put your disabled kids in residential care!

This was the message from Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson a few weeks ago when she launched yet another middle class report from a charity about how things will be so bad for disabled people, this time about how families with disabled children will be so worse off.

She wanted us, the public wanted us to be outraged that parents were forced to ‘consider’ putting their disabled children in residential care like its a perfectly normal thing to throw away your disabled people. But I am outraged she is not outraged that parents and society are even thinking this and I must really question her prejudices towards disabled children despite her portrayal as the political guardian of all disabled people as a member of the House of Lords.

When you realise the report is written by a children’s charity that profits from locking away disabled children, it is quite sickening how charities are lying about the government’s welfare reforms as an opportunity to tote for trade and legitimise their prehistoric views on disability. This is the Middle Class Big Society in action and just because you are a well known disabled person, does not mean you may be doing more harm than good.

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