Stop playing the victim (just because you are disabled!)

If there is one thing that really annoys me is when disabled people play the victim just because they are disabled. For my, playing the victim means complaining to others about the general situation without actually asking for help or taking responsibility for the situations we are in.

We all face situations that are difficult but it is our attitude which determines if we take responsibility or selfishly indulge ourself into the realms of victimhood. If Plan A fails, try Plan B and if thats fails, Plan C, D, E and so on until you find something that works. Determination will get you everywhere and it is about accepting the here and now, and moving beyond it!

The rise of the victim culture amongst so-called disability activists since the start of this coalition government only served to demonstrate the medical model attitude and plays right into the hands of the charities and the middle class. Only be stopping being victims and succeeding despite any new barriers will disabled people be able to claim the inclusion deserved!

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