My Experiences of Pain

I imagine many of my readers assume when I say people with chronic illnesses can work, I am talking ideologically with no personal experience but that is not the case. As well as mild bipolar all my life, 4 years ago I suffered an acute nerve virus which left me paralysed for 6 months. While my function has improved within the limits of my cp, I have constant nerve and muscle pain.

I need to take 4 types of painkillers around the clock indefinitely.  For some people, this would reason enough for a long sob story about how terrible their life is and how they deserve not to contribute to society. For me, its just one of those things God or whoever has put in my way to make life more interesting. It has also enriched my personal experience so I am able to talk about pain and people can’t say “but you do not understand” as so many try to do.

I have never had to energy to work 9 to 5 but I have never suggested anyone should work 9 to 5. My pain does mean I need to rest more and I have built my life and my lifestyle about my needs. I also have the attitude to succeed rather than fail like others who demand pity from the government.

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