Working with Atos

There are recently been a ‘stink’ because in respect to their PIP contract ATOS have said they are keen to work with a number of user led charities. Each charity mentioned has completely denied their willingness to work with ATOS and I think this is because they are concerned about potential terrorist like action against them from the extremist groups like DPAC and Black Triangle, where the demands of the few outweighs the majority.

I think it is very hypocritical for user led charities to complain how terrible ATOS is and then refuse to work with them to make a difference and improve their services. It simply proves to me how user led charities no longer have the best interests of all disabled people as they align themselves more and more with the medical model.

If user led charities refuse to do their job and work with ATOS, then it is going to be individuals like myself who are left picking up the pieces and making a real difference by standing up to the DPAC bullies and working with ATOS in the real world on real issues. I have already approached them and I am looking forward to their response!

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