Greatest threat sinced Hitler?

The Black Triangle is a scottish based extremist disability anti-cuts group who has to gall to compare the welfare reforms with the actions of Hitler against disabled people, when hundreds of thousands of disabled people are killed and yet still forgotten.

I feel it is an incredible insult to make the comparison and I would like to argue rather than the government, it is rather groups like Black Triangle and DPAC, as well as the secret army of ‘spoonies’ and ‘bendies’ (slang for people who have politicised their conditions) that is actually potentially the greatest threat since Hilter.

Their drip feed desire for pity in line with the medical model has the ability to destroy the social model as disabled people are portrayed by these groups as helpless vulnerable victims of society who are naturally inferior economic burdens. While they argue for the right to be economic burdens, taking no responsibility for their actions, they are playing the Ace in the hands of the secret eugenics movement which has long existed in this country and supported by media with their freak show entertainment.

It takes 100 positive disabled people to reserve the damage of one negative disabled person and if the Black Triangle is now a whole army of negative disabled persons, it is indeed  the greatest threat to the lives of all disabled people since Hilter. 

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