Talking Nonsense

 It just amazes me how much nonsense is said by ‘disabled people’ nowadays with little evidence or responsibility. A lot of the wild statements like living on 10p a day or begging on the streets because of reforms that have not already taken place, are not put in any context. Because people are defined as ‘disabled’ the non-disabled and indeed disabled charities and media are too frightened to challenge them, taking what they say at face value.

I have spent most of my life helping other people sort out their problems and this is made me a good listener. This means I ask a lot of questions because I understand what people say in not often what they mean and you need to unravel the issues to find the true issues. It is about helping people to help themselves and this goes against the best interests of charities, who profit from people thinking they have problems which they do not have if they could think it through.

We all need to challenge disabled people more about what they say rather then accepting nonsense, even if the hate crime creators would rather we did not!

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