Christmas in the Sun

Today is the start of my Christmas and while you read this, I am at Birmingham Airport, heading for Lanzarote for two weeks. I have already written the articles for when I am away and scheduled them so you can still enjoy your daily dose of  ‘Simon’ while I relax and enjoy some sun.

For me, going to Lanzarote at Christmas just fits nicely into a lot of things, giving me a truly relaxing time while ignoring the stress and strains of a British Christmas. I have no family and I love the sun, so why not go when work wise, no one will mess me.

I go self catering so I can enjoy the restaurants and snack as I want, using the supermarkets as a giant larder. With my iPad, I am connected and I have plenty of games to ensure I have entertained. With sun and sand, I feel I will have a great time away in many ways from the winter weather! 

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