Old research to ignore the facts

I find it very interesting how many statements by user led charities and others are currently being made based on evidence and research which is out of date. I feel this is used to ignore the facts of where we are in the evolution of disability as a sociology.

The charities are very selective in the research they use to demonstrate their medical model argument, using out of date research when it comes to unemployment and poverty, while using specially manufactured when it come to hate crime as they suggest the welfare reforms have made attitudes towards disabled people worst, despite other contraindication research suggesting the paralympics have improved attitudes.

You can to bottom of the research and it defines the raise in hate crime in the fact some people were challenged about their impairment, eg asked questions. Well OMG, welcome to the real world of being disabled and if it is now a crime to ask someone about their impairments, as society gains a better understanding, we have some problems! It is like making it a crime to ask a liar if they are lying!

Research only tells you what you wish to hear and it is indeed the best way to ignore the facts.

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