Spastic Humour

The world is made up of cultures and sub-cultures, each with their own norms, expectations, language and humour, and therefore it is be argued people with Cerebral Palsy are no different in terms of having some form of culture.

In this context, we can see the idea of Spastic humour, that is things which people with cp and others find funny, normally around the stupid ways non-disabled treat us through ignorance and embarrassment. What other impairments may see as hostile ‘hate crime’, we may just see as just funny as our freakism of cp leaves some non-disabled people squirming!

I’m Spazticus is one of the first television events to bring spastic humour to an mainstream audience with Sketches like the police line up. I really look forward to filming and watching the second series and see how it takes the humour to the next level.

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