A year of articles

As we are at the last day of the amazing year of 2012, we look back at the articles I have written every weekday (Monday to Friday) this day without exception, that is an incredible 260 articles. Each article specifically written to provoke debate and raise awareness of one or another issues from myself as an individual personal.

The most read article of the year is the one about DPAC kills which challenges this anti-cut group to question they is indeed their negative actions which are killing disabled people rather than ATOS as they continued to make unfounded claims that ATOS murders now 73 disabled people a week without a single arrest or creditable news story.

Some of my articles have been heavy, some emotional, some funny and some just interesting as I have seen my readership interest as my twitter network also increases. Next year will see the articles continue, bigger, stronger and ofcourse as controversial as ever! 

If you like what I say, have a look at my website at www.simonstevens.com or follow me on twitter, @simonstevens74

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