Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome to the first article of 2013, just another 259 articles left. Last year was an amazing year for the world, for the UK, for London and for myself personally. Even so, this year has got to be better than last year and I think this is indeed possible and the way it should be, that life improves year on year as we appreciate more and more our stories and our journeys.

I am in a far better position than I was a year ago and I plan to be in a far better position than I was in a year’s time. My work is increasing and this year will see major improvements to my website and social networks. I plan to grow my twitter followers to 2000 and beyond as well as so much more. My motto is always day by day as I enjoy and appreciate all my achievements however small.

So from me to you, Happy New Year and may your year be as great as I plan mine to be.

If you like what I say, have a look at my website at www.simonstevens.com or follow me on twitter, @simonstevens74

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