What does being immortal mean?

In the same way as cure, the concept of immortal is one which is far more complex to define than people may imagine. By immortal the common factor here is living for ever but does that mean growing older and not being able to die. Would you grow out slowly and not at all and is so, what physical age would you be? Does not dying just mean from diseases or is it from anything? If you are shot, you are invincible? Do you heal? Or are you left in pain forever unable to die?

And finally, if we did forever, could our minds really cope as any memories increased as we lived 100s or 1000s of years. This is the issues of immortality that makes it as complex as anything else in this world if it was indeed possible. And is it not our contributions to the media, our families and our other actions we remember which makes us as immortal as we can?

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