We can all give a sob story

I believe that if it is so desired, it is possible for anyone to give a sob story for their situation, whatever situation that may be, but is that really always helpful for anyone?

I know I keep coming back to this point but I believe a positive attitude can overcome many of the barriers because it is an believe if Plan A fails, there is a Plan B, C, D and so on until you achieve what you wanted. An individual can decide where to see a half empty or a half full glass, and say disagree with that is a sob story itself.

I acknowledge some people find themselves in deep holes of stress and depression, where it is indeed difficult to think straight and be positive, but people need supporting to see what they have, not what they have not. It is criminal when others deliberately take sob stories at face value and then them as political weapons.

Life is what you made it and there is no getting away from that, however sobbing you wish to do!

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