The secret leaders of the sick and disabled movement

While it appears to be all quiet on the Western front after the Christmas Holidays, there is still a new sick and disabled movement irrationally fighting against their own inclusion with their medical model beliefs, feeding upon their own fear and ignorance.

What I find very concerning is with things like “We are Spartacus”  and their “People’s Views” is the level of secrecy   that exists. As they attempt to replace semi-accountable user led charities, we are being asked to trust the believe systems of people who refuse to reveal their identities or simply live within the realms of social media.

When I say my opinion as an independent ‘leader’ of change, I tell people who I am and what I am, there are no secrets. But the voice of disabled people are being taken over by people who refuse to explain who they are so people can judge whether they are willing or able to trust them. Just saying I am disabled and I am angry is not enough in a civilised democracy,

These secret leaders must be public in who they are if their believe in the fair and just world they claim to.

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