As bad as extraordinary rendition

Yesterday I mentioned the so-called People’s Review on WCA by “We are Spartacus”, a so-called grass root organisation who has claimed to be the first group of disabled people to have done their own ‘research’ as they ignore 50 years of disability history. Their so-called research is not proper academic primary research but a selected mixture of desk research, gossip, rumours and misleading wild accusations.

What I however find most offensive to my sense of morality is that the ‘people’s review’ is written by someone who refuses to reveal their identity for reasons we are not told. So this one person, who could be anyone with any political belief system, is stealing the authority of every disabled person in this country.

This kangaroo court style justice is as immoral and dangerous as extraordinary rendition in terms of eroding fundamental human rights. In no time in history as the masses be asked to follow just a secret movement or as so immoral secret research been produced.

The research is nonsense upon nonsense and the fact it is been written in my name and the name of everyone in a human rights crime beyond forgiveness. Before the secret cult behind this rubbish claims the immorality of a legality acting government, they should look it the mirror and be disgusted at whoever hidden people they see. These abuses of free speech will not be tolerated by myself and should not be tolerated by anypnne

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