End of Free Speech?

While I agree with some level of press regulation, there are some aspects of the Leveson report I am concerned about. One of these will be to enable “3rd parties” to make complaints on the so-called accuracy of news reports. By 3rd party, this makes any organisation who claims to have the authority to represent a section on the population as unelected unaccountable bodies.

The disability hate crime lobby has already make it very clear  they indeed to use any new law to control what is said about disability and force newspaper to print their propaganda and lies, and nothing else. This is worrying as the aim of the lobby is to disempower and exclude disabled people for the profit of user led charities by creating unnecessary fear and a new generation of victims. 

They are also using hate crime to squash any public debate in the meaning of impairment and disability as they try to ban free speech in their attempt to allow anyone who wants to be disabled to get money without question, at the cost and insult of real disabled people. This is apparent when they use hate crime as an excuse for families to murder their disabled children.

True inclusion is about allowing the public to better understand impairment and disability by being allowed to ask questions and debate issues. If this is going to be turned a crime by this end of free speech, disabled people will never be fully included as hate crime is used to oppress us.

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