The families’ abuse of disability benefits

One thing I am not sure people understands happens is the abuse of disabled people’s benefits by their own families. By this I mean that I would argue many families put a disabled child’s or adult child’s benefits in the general income of the family where the individual may not be seeing the full benefit of the money. The families reliance of the benefits will therefore hinder any attempt of the disabled adult to live independently.

Some go further and maybe have a Motability car so the husband can go to work as the child in put on school transport. Worst still, I have seen adults in residential care unable to go out and have meaningful daytime activity because their families have kept hold on their benefits, maybe having a Motability car because they visit them once a month.

I do not think Society is ready to accept this happens because of their general pity for families that include disabled people, but this is financial abuse and thief that needs to be stopped if we are really going to really protect disabled people from abuse, and not just shout hate crime when it suits us.

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