The warehousing of the ‘severely’ disabled

Before Christmas I was reading a ridiculous article on the web about a family carer of an adult child who was complaining about the benefit cap and how as a carer, she were not exempt. What I however found more concerning was my many comments and the general rationale for why she should get my money.

The basic argument was it was that of course she should get her money because it would be cheaper than putting him in a care home. This really puts in the reality how people see disabled people who need ‘care’ as “severely disabled”. And this mindset still exists amongst many so-called disabled activists and well as the charities who regard the Independent Living Fund as money to “keep” people in their own home rather than in care homes.

It is clear there is too much focus on simply warehousing those considered even by people claiming to represent them as too disabled for anything else. When the government talk about independent living, I fear they just mean deciding how many sugars you have in the tea made for you or the colour of the walls of the cell/room you live in.

We have a long way before many disabled people are seen as capable beings who can lead as normal lives as they choose, even by many ‘disabled people’ who often have no clue.  

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