Walking 20m

As some readers may know the government has slipped in to the new Personal Independent Payments regulations that people will need to being to ‘walk’ in a reasonable fashion from 50m to now 20m. The activists are ofcourse having a field day as it gives them yet another reason for their medical model sob stories.

I do acknowledge the government has been naughty but I think it is about trying to create a culture change. While people go on about ATOS being horrible, it is still an assessment based on asking questions and therefore it is about self assessment to a degree. The assessor is looking for a geniousness of the facts, they can no scientifically measure how far people can walk. 

The problem I think the government has with 50m was obesity and the possibility anyone who gets out of breath was be entitled to a free car in this era of weak political correctness. So rather than people having a taking responsibility for their weight, they have a legal right to eat themselves into a free car.

I feel people can no longer be assessed on the face value of entitlement without having to take responsibility for their health and social contribution. The medical professional spent 16 years of my life when I was growing up to get the most of me before reaching a point they knew no medical intervention would help, leaving me to develop myself socially. If you are obese, loss weight, you choose to be disabled by ignoring your mental health issues!

So if the 20m regulation is here to stay, and I do question that as political correct weakness sets in, I wish people would just get on with it rather than scaremongering those who will not to effected to the point of suicide, for their personal interests.

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