Lets help the patronising

One group of people which has been forgotten in these hard times is the patronising. This awful incurable emotional disease is clearly on the rise and can affect adults from all backgrounds at any time without warning. Suffers feel uncontrollable urges to say things they should not, causing offence when none was intended while people around them do their best to sympathise with them.

I do not know yet on any charities helping these poor helpless souls or any research into this disease. There are no drugs to relieve the symptoms or so far so there is no treatment or therapy to assist their situation. What is more worrying is the increased in unreported hate crime against patronising people by disabled people and other groups who no longer tolerate their outbursts.

I believe it would be very helpful if more famous sufferers, like Ester Ransom and Boris Johnson, came out and campaigned for medical research to prevent patronisation. I also believe the government should set up a commission to look at what services are needed for these growing infliction.

So while disabled people may be having it hard, it is important we remember how hard it must be being patronising.

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NB: If anyone is totally confused, this is a humorous article with some degree of truth to it!

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