Choice and control as a right?

Choice and control is regarded as cornerstones to independent living and for the most part this is true. But to argue choice is just a right is incorrect and it is also a responsibility. There is no such thing as free choice because every choice as consequences people must take responsibility for or face the consequences of not doing so.

I worry when people demand the right to the fun choices like going shopping without accepting the responsibilities that go along with them. Shopping requires having money and if people want to go shopping, you need to earn money by working etc. Therefore choice and control comes from participation in society, not absolute human rights, I do not have an absolute human right to buy a specific item especially if I can not afford it.

So a wider choice comes from wider participation and taking responsibility, not sitting at home tweeting a list of demands each day!

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One thought on “Choice and control as a right?

  1. I agree with you that equal choice is a right that disabled have, but I think that it shouldn't matter whether or not a person works in order to have it. You seem to imply that somehow working disabled are more entitled to equal choice than nonworking disabled. About that, I totally disagree. We are all equal regardless of our employment status.

    I also agree with your point about how disabled people shouldn't just fight for equal access to the enjoyable things. We also need to fight for all things to be equal, regardless of whether or not they are fun or enjoyable. We should also fight for jails and prisons to be accessible also, to ensure that our incarcerated brothers and sisters aren't subjected to cruel and unusual punishment due to access issues. Fighting for accessible polling places, even though most people don't find voting all that enjoyable, is also very important.


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