Why should we get free cars?

Motability has been around for a generation and I feel it is now time to question whether the current scheme is fit for purchase for a 21st Century. Within the raising costs of petrol, the carbon footprint, accessible public transport and the fact many non-disabled people can no longer afford to run cars, it is correct disabled people should get a free car?

I do not think the answer is so simple as it is based on individual circumstances and should be based on individual need not a general criteria. I had a motability car for 7 years but with online shopping and accessible buses, I am now better off having my mobility allowance myself. If I lived in a more rural area, it may be different.

I am worried we are getting to a point where people could potentially eat themselves to a far car by willing mobility problems upon them. I also think the scheme should be transformed to assist a wider range of people like new low income workers from rural areas, families who have frequent trips to hospitals and so on, where the individual need also benefits the social agenda of the nation. Motability should be a helping hand, not a freebie.

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