My disability identity is 100% solid

I regard my impairment and being disabled as two distinct identities. My impairment is cerebral palsy, which is a stable visible conditions which has a strong identity in its own right. I am proud to have cerebral palsy and I have very happy with who are am as someone who will always have cp.

My disability identity relates to the socio-political label of being disabled. I do not have a disability as in line with the social model, disability is external to me and means the barriers I face as someone with an impairment. My impairment identity is ofcourse bigger than my disability identity as I have cp 24/7 but I am only disabled when I encounter barriers.

That said, I feel my disability identity is 100% because when it comes to any legal definition is disability, PIP, WCA, DDA, whatever, I know I am disabled. You just need to look at me to you as I am a level of impairment people would not or could not fake. I acknowledge for some people, their disability identity is not so simple, but this my story.

I had the stability of always knowing I was disabled and which doors that opened and which doors were left closed to me without a lot of effort. Any assessment is a formality in deciding if I am disabled but more importantly since being disabled is not an issue for me, I am get on with living my life and making a positive contribution to society.

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