Helping people be positive

I feel one is the greatest gifts you can offer anyone is the ability to see the positive in the situations they are facing. For me, being positive is not about shouting mantras on how I am wonderful and wearing a big false smile all the time trying to laugh when you actually want to cry. 

Instead, it is able having the ability to see things in a rational way and understand the real issues of a situation, without irrational fears, and to establish a constructive plan to tackle issues step by step in a way that is realistic. It is also about understand if one way to trying to achieve something fails, then you seemly think on another way of doing that and even work on the basis nothing will be straight forward.

I feel the real cause of poverty is ignorance and negativity and that people can be empowered to see how they can make the most of what they have and achieve things they never thought possible. We should stop giving out support that keeps people as victims and enable people to be positive.

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