Changing the mindset towards ATOS

It is clear that ATOS has been portrayed in terms of disability benefits as the bad guy with so much claims of foul play, with little evidence to support this. I believe that the issue is that WCA assessments is a key emotional event is a person’s return to work either from trauma or from years left on benefit.

The assessment are often the first taste of the real world tht causes fear and can also conflict with the anger stages of someone emotional journey. This is made worst by the pity of onlookers on this necessary step in an individual’s journey.

We all need to understand this better and help people to change their mindset towards ATOS. If disability forums are now teaching and training people to fear WCA Assessments and be defensive, it will cause emotional harm simply so other can make them political pawns. People need to be supported to embrace these assessments with an open mind and a desire to work.

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