Understanding why

I believe when we look at all the fear and hostility towards the government in terms of the welfare reforms, it is important to try to discover and understand why. Be doing this it is then possible to support people to be better informed and empowered to make rational decisions. Poverty is more about a lack of education to use money wisely than it  is about having money itself.

In most cases people will simply have a fear on something which may or may not happen, and things are never as bad as they look in the cold light of day, especially when someone can explain it to you in a way you can understand. They are however some people, who are unlikely to be affected by the reforms, who are simply pouring out hostile words for political regains.

It is clear some groups claiming to represent disabled people are in fact extreme socialist groups in disguise, who see the world in very limited ways of either you support their angry view of the world and the rights of ‘workers’ or you are a traitor to humanity. These people can not be helped but once understood, they can be put in their place and made accountable for their actions.

Understanding why people think and act the way they do is key to solving any problem of society.

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