Carrot and Stick

The best way is help anyone move forward on any issue, like gaining employment, paying taxes or giving up smoking, is to use a combination of carrot and stick, with the focus of carrot. People will always respond better to incentive rather than penalties or sanctions, and it is so important people are encouraged as a first step.

People will always be likely to try if you want to do it myself rather than being forced to do so, and so the carrot should always be a better part of the process. However, some people simply refuse to do what is asked of them and I do believe after they have been given after opportunity to follow the process, there must be sanctions for those who sanctions for those who do not cooperation. And by this, I mean people must be given plenty of warnings with opportunities at every stage to avoid sanctions.

Regular readers will know I believe in rights and responsibilities and this means I believe as people have the right to be awarded to following processes, there also have a responsibility to do so and must face sanctions if they play foul of the rules.
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