There is no unity

When I talk about how people with minor impairments do not have the same level of additional need as people with significant severe impairment and how some people simply do not need the benefits they desire, I am often told we must  stay united and this is not a time to be fighting amongst yourselves.

But the reality is we have never been united as ‘disabled people’ and we will never be united because it is ridiculous to believe we all think the same people who how society labels us. People with differing impairments have always fought because it is a simple fact we do not fully understand each other’s experiences and specific difficulties.

The disability movement of the 1970s was created by people with spinal injuries because they are the money was insurance claims. And since then, differing impairments have had their movement including people with Autism and now the focus is on ‘the sick’.

People with cerebral palsy have often tagged along because they met the criteria but like learning difficulties, their jerky movement and speech issues mean they still cause taboo, even amongst disabled people.

So lets stop pretending we are united and start celebrating the individual as we work together as equals with diverse opinions.
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