A silent agreement

A lot of ‘activists’ have made a lot of outrageous statement with little evidence and factual ideological and I have been very vocal to pointing out that I disagree with their statements but there is so many other ‘activists’ who have been silent in the matter.
If disabled people are united as everyone keeps reminding me than everyone supports what everyone else is staying unless they state otherwise. So when people were silent about remarks like ATOS murders 46 people a week (or whatever they say it is), it must be assumed they agree with it.

When you actually confront individuals on what we are told every disabled person thinks, you find often they have a different story and deny they believe what others think. But if they are not vocal to the opposition to the lies being spread, their silent has to be read as agreement.

The real leaders are those who will take a stand and say what they say rather than be complaisant in the betrayal of disabled people by these lies. 
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