Is Hate crime used to excuse fraud?

I am becoming worried that the notion of hate crime is being exploited beyond what it is really about to act as an excuse to pretend people who commit benefit fraud. I acknowledge the disability related hate crime is when a crime is commitment towards a disabled person because they are disabled. That is what I agree upon. 

What I do not agree with in that any social policy on disability a person’s does not agree with in regarded as a form of hate crime, including any debate on the subject. It is possible to debate the merits of immigration policy without personally attacking illegal immigrates but the fact is there are illegal immigrates.

If we are now debating the definition of disability in a potential post-social model world, then when we say some impaired people, and everyone is impaired, are no longer disabled because society naturally meets their need, than it does not mean we are inciting hatred against them.

The use of hate crime is legitimise people’s right to be considered disabled to receive label led benefits is a dangerous path to thread which I am totally opposed to.
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