What disability rights have been lost?

Many people are suggesting that the government’s welfare reforms is an erosion of rights for disabled people but once again, I want to challenge the accuracy of this belief so we can understand what is really happen.

In terms of rights, this government is not making any alterations to the legal protection disabled people have under the equality act. While we could argue about the government’s desire to abandon equality impact statements, we could question whether they actually benefit anyone as it does not require any public body to be more equal but simply say how discriminatory their actions are.

The big question is whether we regard welfare benefits as a right or a privilege of a civilised country? I would argue the later and it is important we do not regard benefits as a absolute personal right, rather that we see benefits as a current solution to specific rights, which could be met by other solutions.

So I believe no rights has been lost but what is happening is disabled people or people claiming to be disabled are being asked to take a greater responsibility for their actions.
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