Moving resources to empower people

I strongly believe that they is a lot of money in this country which is wasted on keeping people, especially disabled people, dependent and disempowered. I believe we have a range of social care services that are no longer fit for people as they were not designed to take up the many opportunities now available to enable people.

Society must move away from accepting the victim culture and towards one when people feel informed and empowered to make choices and take responsibility for their actions and their contribution to society. Government and charities must refocus their goals towards inclusion and empowerment, and away from exclusion and dependency.

The money to do this is there but it is in the wrong places, we must move the resources and funded so it is better spent for the benefit of everyone. I hope the next government will share my thinking.
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One thought on “Moving resources to empower people

  1. I totally agree with you. Just look how many people are employed at Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, HUD, and all of the other social service agencies. If you were to take away most of the disabled people who depend on these services, there would be no justification for keeping these office workers employed.

    In my opinion, one way we can get away from the so-called “victim culture” is for increased stakeholder involvement whenever these services are planning programs designed to help us. It not only makes sense to involve us in this process because we all know what we need to improve our lives better than the “experts” do. Sometimes these various programs become wasteful and use whatever resources they may have in a less than cost effective way, just because they refused to recognize us as intelligent people who are capable of assisting them to plan things properly.

    This entire mentality of the bureaucrats is reminiscent of the War on Poverty in the 60s, under President Johnson. Many of these War on Poverty programs were wasteful because there were no people who the services were designed to help involved in the process, other than on the receiving end. For example, white bureaucrats in Washington, DC planning programs designed to help people of color in various cities. Even though these bureaucrats had good intentions, they often wasted funding simply because they didn't involve any people color in the initial planning stages of a particular program.

    The same is true in the case of current programs designed to help disabled people in various ways. These programs would be far more efficient and cost-effective if disabled people were involved in the initial planning processes because we know better than anyone else exactly what we need to improve our lives. Also, since many disabled people live at or below the poverty level, we have become experts at knowing how to stretch a dollar effectively to get the most out of it.


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