Do you want to be a failure?

We now seem live in an era where not only is failure regarded as a norm but I fear for some, it is a desirable state of being. We clearly have a section of society who regard success as something wrong since why the hell work or do something meaningful and hard when you can have an easy life and live off the state?

This goes against everything I believe and my goal to be successful in any way I can. I was brought up on the 1980s, under Margaret Thatcher and I kinda of ‘the British dream’ that hard work pays off. I always believed the individual can overcome anything with determination and one person can change the world. 

I have realised it can be many years before you reap the benefits on what you put in but that hard work does in the end pays off. I have never expected people to be as determined as I am, I have a level of determination that amazes me, but I do think people should want to have a good life rather than believe failure is the norm. 
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