Just never give up!!

People who know me who that I am a very determined person and I have always been determined. If I wanted something than I have always found a way to get it, one way or another. I sometimes amaze myself at how determined I am even with doing the impossible because just I never give up.

I am not saying it is easy or that anyone can achieve what I have, because we all have our own stories to fulfil. But I am saying that “I can’t” can be turned into “I can” if you dig deep and use the fire in your belly to get things done. You may need to make a few people uncomfortable or be quite creative to get what you want but it can be done.

Everyone faces barriers in their life and it is easy to think you are the only won, but barriers are merely things to overcome that make life interesting. You have the power to not let barriers stop you from getting what you want if you just never give up!!
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