Telling the truth

One of the things I think some people do not like about me, while others may appreciate, is that I say what I see in a factual way and I tell the truth how I perceive it even it is uncomfortable. I am very good at seeing both the bigger picture and the small detail.

I am not seeing I am never creative with the truth or I am rude as I know when to save people’s feelings. But I am never two faced and if I reach a point when I am on a committee when I know my understanding of the truth means I can no longer sit there and be polite, I will resign.

I have often walked out of meetings because I could not stand the lies being said or the truth not being said. It has been a cornerstone of being an independent consultant and I advise all my customers they are going to get straight faced  facts rather than what they may want to here.

My style of telling the truth does have its downsides in terms of keeping customers in the long term as they only need to hear it once but it is a cost I have always been willing to pay. 

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