Who care about these petty arguments?

I get frustrated when I read about disabled people complaining loudly in the media about something quite pretty like an a misunderstanding around access requirements rather than directly dealing with the matter with  the organisations involved. 

I think it is first important to understand things are not perfect and that is so many cases, people do not know what they are doing and it is far better to work constructively with the organisations. If they refuse than you clearly have a greater case.

What is more worrying is the legal challenging to the results of government consultants, like the one of ILF. This is an expensive form of filibustering at an huge cost to taxpayers that often makes a mockery of human rights, by arguing the ridiculous like gold-plated taps are a human right.

And who really cares? Most people get off with life rather than trying to find offence at every turn.
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