The Badge of Oppression

I fear that in recent years it has become fashionable by some people to use disability as a badge of oppression as an excuse for their inappropriate behaviour or to demand special treatment, as opposed to true equality.

The phrase “Is’it because I’m Black?” as been replaced with “But I am disabled” like it is an answer to everything. I know having an visible impairment does open doors, whether you wanted them opened or not. But we are now talking about people who are pushing their luck without any understanding of the consequences of their actions.

Many people with impairments have discovered that the term disabled, as a badge of oppression, is a powerful weapon against an ignorant society which is too scared to challenge them. The illusion of oppression comes from the individual as opposed to society, who can institutionalised themselves into a defensive position of inclusion.

I prefer myself to say I have cerebral palsy when people can not see it for themselves, as this is a fact I am proud about and not one that asks people to pity me since I am not always disabled by my environment.
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