Disabled people have become pawns

There was a time not so long ago when disability was a taboo subject which no one discussed. Now it has become a political hot potato as the welfare reforms has brought it centre stage. The big question is whether this is helping the lives of disabled people or just hindering them?

Has disabled people just become the pawns of the anti-cut campaigners, who are in turn pawns of the socialist worker party and other extremist groups who has hijacked any issue of the moment which has suited their agenda?

The issue for me is that the welfare reforms is enabled so much groups for so many reasons to portray disabled people as victims, reinforcing medical model stereotypes. Rather than continuing to move forward in the inclusion of disabled people by embracing and developing these reforms, disabled people are told they must fight for the status quo and remain second best.

Whether its socialists or liberals, disabled people have become their pawns in their ideological attacks on the government, with no interest in the affects it has on real disabled people.
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