If disabled people were really imprisoned

If we took Scope’s headline of 100,000 disabled people being imprisoned in their own home, as I reported yesterday, at face value, it would be a statistic that would cause public outcry and warrant major police investigation in a way that would make the Jimmy Saville scandal look tiny.

Imprisoned implies someone, and in the case the government, is deliberately knowingly preventing someone from leaving their home in a manner that is unlawful. If Scope had real evidence that 100,000 people were imprisoned in their own homes there would have a legal and moral duty to report every single case to the police as a matter of urgency.

This has not happened because it is simply a headline designed to cause distressed and portray disabled people  as victims. Not having help to prepare a ‘middle class’ home made meal does not mean they are imprisoned in their own home. 

As more charities cry “wolf” about the abuse of disabled people, that are allowing more abuse to occur. I wish people would stick to the facts rather than making emotionally appealing lies at the cost of real disabled people.

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