Avoiding loopholes

In introducing PIP, the Government has agreed after some battling to add the terms ‘reliably, repeatedly, safely and in a timely fashion’  in relation to mobility and performing other tasks. While I mostly believe this is a good thing, I am also worried it is a phrase which will be abused and haunt the government.

In an environment of “Rights now, responsibilities maybe later (if I can be bothered)”, I am worried as people fight to be disabled, this phrase will be the loophole to be corrupted and abused at appeals and High Court Reviews, to a point where PIP is as unfit for purpose as DLA, where it is not a matter of benefit fraud but a lax system when anyone who wants PIP just need to say the right words to get it.

We need to go beyond the passive compensation payments being offered now where we have winners and losers, to one where people had to say what they need and be supported accordingly, not be paid to make the problem or them disappear.
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