Getting arrested

A few months ago I read an article by an well known disability activist from the 90s who argued that there is no point claiming to be an activist if you were not prepared to be arrested and this struck a chord with me.

He was referring to direct action, which has never been my cup of tea. I always believed while some people created the mess from direct action, there needed to be people like me that cleaned up the mess, taking the issue to the next level explaining to people why there need to take action.

While I do not intend to get arrests, I do stand by what I say and I am prepared to take the consequences of my actions. And unlike so many people I believe I understand what I say and everything is from my own belief systems. I am not anti-government nor pro-government, but simply I believe what I believe from what I see and understand, and I will tell people what I understand to as much detail as needed regardless of who they are.

I am prepared to be controversial to make the changes that need to happen actually happen and I do push activism as far as I can.
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