Meeting moderate need

Moderate needs is a term that was born out of the FACS criteria established into the 1990s and is regarded as the lowest level of assessable need.  I am not sure it is fully understand but for me, it would include people who have broken their leg in that they have needs but not enough to warrant a traditional social care solution.

And this is my point, I feel it is possible to support people with moderate needs in ways that does not require traditional and relevantly expenses face to face support. Instead, it is about looking at assistive technology, telecare and use of mainstream services to meet the need and prevent crisis, so more money is available for people with higher support needs.

I feel we now have the technology to support people in many ways and sometimes the simple aids help the most. For people with broken legs, it is often a good pair of crutches that can help the most, and a positive attitude, rather than being made to feel like a prisoner in your own home by unhelpful charities.
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