The bad idea of PA Apprenticeships

David Cameron has recently said that he wants Apprenticeships to be the ‘norm’ for anyone not going to University. This means that the scheme will be expanded to where it is most suited, the trades like engineering, painting and decorating and even accounting, to everything and anything where it will be twisted out of all recognition to fit where it does not fit.

And this is very true for the notion of Personal Assistant Apprenticeship. On so many levels, the concept makes no sense. Firstly, the whole basis on an apprenticeship is the learner and mentor relationship where the mentor is more qualified and experienced then the learner. How the hell are service users supposed to take on the role of mentor and who is paying them to teach someone a qualification simply so they can leave them? And most colleges or training providers would see the user as an vulnerable adult, as well as the learner. and impose restrictions of the work the learner can do, destroying the whole point on having a PA.

This is one of the many ways the government is not listening and wasting money. Despite claiming to desire less red tapes, it is creating more red tape to keep an army of organisations in business.
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